Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy:

A tooth is composed of 3 different layers, viz. enamel (outer), dentin (middle or sensitive layer) and pulp tissue (innermost). The pulp tissue consists of nerve fibres and blood vessels supplying the tooth. Dental caries or decay starts at the enamel layer and slowly progresses into the inner layers. When the decay seeps deep into the dentin, the tooth may experience sensitivity or mild pain. It may still be possible to simply restore the tooth with dental fillings. However, when the decay reaches the pulp, the tooth may experience a sharp pain, and may lead to infection and/or swelling. When the decay reaches the pulp, it is necessary to perform a root canal treatment on that tooth.

WM-1 caries in enamel

Caries In Enamel

WM 2 caries in dentin

Caries In Dentin

WM 3 caries involving pulp

Caries Approaching Pulp Tissue

Root canal therapy is usually followed by placing a crown or a cap on the tooth to protect the remaining tooth structure.