Why Choose Us

The vision for Gums and Braces was one born out of the desire to provide dental treatment with no compromise in any aspect, and yet, make it affordable to patients. We commit to you: personal attention, treatment by doctors that are specialized in their respective fields, and all the best possible materials and latest treatment options that are in use today.

Going to a dentist, for most, is nothing short of a feat. At Gums and Braces, we understand and empathize with this feeling.  Rest assured, that our friendly staff and our team of doctors treat each patient as our topmost priority.


Gums and Braces prides itself in its spacious, homely feel. We believe, that creating a comforting and pleasant environment as soon as the patient enters automatically works to help alleviate any fears and anxiety. Our Scandinavian, pastel interiors are sure to calm the nerves!

There are 2 separate operatories, providing complete privacy to each patient during treatment; an isolated environment for complete disinfection of each room (especially during surgical procedures) and to make sure there is a minimum wait time for each appointment.

A separate sterilization room ensures no cross contamination occurs, and provides a safe, sterile work environment.

Equipment & Technology

Advances in technology have given us the ability to provide patients with a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options. These equipment help us to reduce the overall treatment time and provide more long-lasting and bio-compatible treatment options.

Our portable X-ray minimizes radiation exposure and ensures the safety of the doctor, the patient and the staff. Immediate digital X-rays help us with quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

Use of Lasers in Dentistry has made certain dental treatments virtually pain-free. They help reduce healing time and are loved for their ease of use and patient friendly results.

WM portable shooter

Portable X-Ray Shooter


In line with our dedication to unmatched dentistry, we use only the best quality, globally approved material. This helps us provide top notch dental care and reduces long term problems that patients may face post treatment.

We send laboratory work to only the best in the business. This ensures that every patient gets high quality, durable and long-lasting treatment. With the use of CADCAM (computer aided design and manufacturing) we provide highly accurate and aesthetic restorative results.

All materials used by us are completely synthetic and do not contain any animal products, keeping in mind the religious and cultural sensibilities of our patients.


The sterilization protocol followed in the clinic is as per the recommended International norms.

In order to minimize risk and ensure maximum patient safety, all instruments are packed in separate pouches and autoclaved in a “B Class autoclave”.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

WM sealed pouch

Sterile Instruments for each Patient

WM Autoclave

B Class Autoclave